Margarana Memorial Park

The Balinese effort in the Indonesian fight for independence from the Dutch after World World War II was led by a feisty young officer called Gusti Ngurah Rai. The most famous battle of this campaign resulted in his death along with 96 of his soldiers in a ritual puputan (fight to the death) in the village of Marga. This heroic act (and every Balinese individual who died in the independence struggle) is commemorated in the Margarana Memorial Park.

This very pleasant park is open daily from 8AM and exhibits many statues, houses a graveyard for the war-dead and has a shrine to Ngurah Rai which includes his photograph. Marga is about 15 minutes north from Mengwi and all Balinese drivers will know how to find it. Few tourists make it here but it is worth the effort.

National Monument Margarana worship of the Park is a historic event marker “Puputan Margarana“, namely the great war between the people of Bali against NICA. The museum is collecting photographs of heroes, swords Bali, small samurai, keris Bali, equipment war American and British heritage, and so on.

On an area of ​​10 HA is also standing temple listed Heroes Margarana her response letter I Gusti Ngurah Rai (Bali Warrior Leader Board) to Overste Termeulen (Netherlands) which describes the greatness of spirit of struggle and patriotism of the people of Indonesia in general and Bali in particular. There is also Taman Bahagia, located in the North and Northeast Temple of Heroes Margarana, which consists of 1372 gravestone or monument hero that indicates the number of fighters who died on the battlefield during the physical revolution in Bali, as a hero of the war of independence, including a headstone for heroes unknown.

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